Thursday, November 1, 2012

No-Thanks November?

UPDATE: No judgment against my friends, family, and acquaintances who are onboard the Facebook thankfulness train...I just can't seem to warm up to it. I guess I personally don't see a need to broadcast all the great things in my life to the 400ish people I "know".  And there is no irony with that statement, even though I am putting my "thankful-fors" on a public blog, because let's be honest...the only person that reads this blog is me, my sister, and some random person in Russia. The only reason I have so many page hits is because I visit my own blog multiple times a day.


Apparently it is now a "thing" to update your Facebook status each day in November with a new thing for which you are thankful. Has this always been a thing? It seems more prevalent (and therefore, more irritating) this year. For some reason, I find it very annoying to scroll down Facebook and see "I'm thankful for blah blah blah" twenty times.  And I guess it is kind of lame of me to complain that people are (perhaps for the only time all year) putting something meaningful into their Facebook statuses, but there is this small rebellious part of me that gets very annoyed by "jumping on the bandwagon".   Yes, I realize that this is an ironic statement to make considering that blogging, in many people's eyes, is "jumping on the bandwagon". But I'm choosing to tolerate that particular form of trend-following since I enjoy it so much!

Since this isn't Facebook, and I'm already doing the lame-o trend-following thing by blogging, I'm okay with letting you all know what I am thankful for in this venue (but only here...never on Facebook!).

Today, I am thankful that my students had a fun time on our field trip. Since I don't want to spread photos of my students all over the internet for the creepers to find, I'll post a picture of our field trip destination ... Skyline Caverns. We had a great time!

I'm also thankful for my DSLR camera (thanks Mom and Dad and Nikon!). I get a lot of enjoyment out of that thing, and even though I treat it like crap, it still takes good pictures for me (although the flash is currently broken...first sign of trouble? maybe. I'm hoping its a one-time thing). Going along with that, I'm thankful for Adobe Photoshop and fantastic people who put tutorials on the internet to help me learn how to use it.

Here are today's pictures. The building is an old church on a back road I take home from work now and then. It's a cool place in the middle of farmland and trees and not much else. That makes it even more neat to me!

Before photoshop(top) and After (bottom)
Before(top) and After (bottom

Before(top) and After (bottom

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